We believe everyone deserves a great place to live. 

About 125,000 new garden market apartment units are built each year. And yet, this is a building type that has been woefully neglected by the AEC community.

We have developed the Garden Platform not only because it makes business sense – it also has the opportunity to solve the housing shortage crisis currently facing the U.S.

The Garden Platform is a fully-optimized building platform for multifamily residential housing, refining the requirements for housing down to their simplest form to achieve a high-quality, cost-effective product with mass usability across geographies.

Interior Living Room Detail

Garden Platform Product Detail

The Garden Platform includes a standard core of 12 units and a central utility room in all building configurations. Six end chassis can be mixed and matched to accommodate project-specific needs.

Tuck-under garages can be placed at the front of any chassis configuration, allowing for a maximum of 10 garages per building.

Modern Kitchen Interiors

Garden Platform Design Configurations

  • Unit library options that address regional size requirements 
  • A chassis library to accommodate project-specific mix needs 
  • An array of interior finish packages to serve a broad range of market tiers
  • Two roof types and a multitude of exterior cladding and color options
Modern Bedroom Interior

By the Numbers

Garden Platform Stats

  • 48 State Design Solution 
  • A range of 4-12 Base Unit Plans
  • Minimizes Individual Parts
  • Efficient Layouts of Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry 
  • Maximize Flexibility and Utility of Tenant Living

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