With world-class manufacturing operations and an optimized end-to-end process, Katerra Building Platforms are redefining how we build.

Building Platforms

Katerra Building Platforms take the risk out of construction by applying the principles of repeatable manufacturing to entire buildings. Katerra buildings are made from manufactured assemblies and components; including wall and floor panels, casework, bathroom and kitchen kits, and more.

Structural Systems

Katerra structural components include truss assemblies for floor and ceiling, exterior and interior wall panels, and utility walls with plumbing and electrical wiring pre-installed.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) represents the next generation of high-performance wood building technology.

Cross-Laminated Timber

Katerra is developing a catalog of mass timber products for residential and commercial building projects. As an innovative structural system, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) represents the next generation of high-performance building technology.

Commercial Glass

As the nature of work and the composition of the workforce changes, physical workspaces will need to flex and change along with them.

KOVA Modular Office Solutions are designed to take the complexity, cost and waste out of interior office construction. Each product in the line is part of a thoughtfully designed, cohesive collection, purpose built to bring beautiful, functional spaces to life.

Katerra Windows


Katerra designs and manufactures a catalog of standard window and door products for residential and commercial projects.

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