End-to-End New Build

Katerra offers end-to-end services, including design, manufacturing, and assembly of all building types, specializing in commercial buildings, retail, healthcare, hospitality and housing solutions.

How It Works

We focus on designing beautiful, efficient, sustainable building products, supported by Katerra’s technology expertise. We specialize in component design, reducing material usage, increasing repeatability, manufacturing efficiency and optimized product assemblies for well-organized onsite assembly.

Our products are built using high-quality material sourced through our global supply chain network. By using standard component and materials across building project we ensure economies of scale across the project.

Components are completely finished offsite at Katerra’s state of the art factories, including services and finishes ensuring minimal and controlled installation on jobsite. Completed components are transported and assembled onsite on schedule, determined through software led project delivery simulations.

Integrated technology usage across design, manufacture and assembly ensure time savings and superior product delivery.

Building Platform Products – Coming Soon

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Shopping Malls
Residential Apartments

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