A Career With Katerra

Katerra moves fast. In a few short years, we have grown to become a team of thousands of employees across the globe. We’re proud of what we have achieved together already, but this is only the beginning.

Our mission is ambitious. The challenges we are taking on are not easy; the process isn’t always comfortable or linear. Ideal Katerra team members are self-starters who can embrace ambiguity, think big, and lead from any seat.

The diverse skill sets and experience we are looking for include everything from software development, to design, engineering, construction, and more. Career opportunities range from professional office, management and skilled labor positions in the field or factory, and internships.

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Katerra Culture

With a workplace that is global, dynamic, and quickly growing, we are taking intentional steps to build and preserve a culture that each one of us is proud to be a part of.

Diversity is a deeply held value at Katerra. We are committed to bringing gender diversity to the world of construction, where women traditionally make up less than 10% of the workforce. We are also committed to building a borderless global team, combining the best of different regions and cultures. 

Our cultural principles guide how we treat one another, how we show up as leaders and team members, and what we stand behind as a company.

Katerra Cultural Principles


Be patient and polite at all times, regardless of position or workload.


Add to the top line, bottom line, or customer satisfaction.


Different backgrounds, ideas, and skill sets result in better outcomes.


Assume best intent and that others will do their part.


Encourage curiosity and share information to build our collective knowledge.


Make quick decisions without fear of failure.


Be healthy and set your own boundaries.


Work in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

We really want people to respect each other, to work well together, make decisions, and move along.

Michael Marks, Katerra Co-Founder + CEO

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