Our Products

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Katerra is a one-stop source for every material and product needed for your next building project.

Learn more below about the growing innovation taking place at every scale of building product, and every step of development, design, and assembly.

Software Solutions

We believe the journey to the next frontier of construction will be powered by next-generation technology. Learn more about Apollo, one single platform, with one continuous data stream, designed to support transformation of the built environment.

Building Platforms

Katerra Building Platforms standardize core building systems, offering a variety of unit configurations, finish packages, and exterior features and treatments. We give our clients the benefits of a pre-engineered building system while retaining the design freedom needed to support each unique project.

Katerra Energy System

The Katerra Energy System (KES) is the “future-ready” energy distribution system that reduces building ownership costs while improving the energy management experience for occupants and building managers.

KTAC Packaged HVAC Unit

Redefining the traditional packaged HVAC system, the KTAC is an intelligent comfort system for multifamily, commercial, and hospitality buildings.

Structural Components

Explore our catalog of structural components, including truss assemblies for floor and ceiling, exterior and interior wall panels, and utility walls with plumbing and electric wiring pre-installed prior to installation at the job site.


Katerra Windows offer excellent structural, thermal, and acoustic performance at an exceptional value to our clients.

Mass Timber

Katerra is developing a catalog of mass timber products for residential and commercial building projects. As an innovative structural system, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) represents the next generation of high-performance building technology.

KOVA Products

KOVA is a one-stop-shop for building products, offering everything you need to create beautiful interior spaces, more easily and cost-effectively. KOVA is launching with a line of interior finish materials and will continue to expand to additional product categories over time.