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Sustainability is at the core of Katerra.

Our goal is to address sustainable building at scale, while also making it economically viable. We are working to design thoughtful, sustainable practices into everything we do, from beginning to end of projects. 

Rather than driving cost increases to projects, Katerra’s sustainability efforts bring costs down.

From structural materials to LED lighting fixtures, Katerra design strives to be responsible with our resources, standardizing our designs and curating material choices to mitigate waste and achieve economy of scale. 

By fabricating building components and assemblies offsite, Katerra’s approach dramatically reduces the amount of onsite waste generated and energy required for building. 

Our use of mass timber - the only renewable structural material - allows us to not only reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, but also achieve great schedule efficiency. 

"Doing one-off super sustainable architecture is great. But to be able to think about it at scale—to create an entire building system that improves performance from design through construction—now that’s a game changer."

Craig Curtis, President, Katerra Architecture

Our sustainability efforts will continue to expand.

We are currently engineering a system that will provide a total energy solution for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, fully integrating solar energy creation, storage, and distribution.

Our goal is for this system to be included in projects at the design phase, providing energy efficiency solutions for full buildings at an affordable cost. 

Stay tuned as we share more about our sustainability initiaives and commitments in the months ahead.