The K90 Building Project: Foundation to Finish, Reimagined

From design and planning to materials sourcing and site logistics, the K90 R&D Project exemplifies Katerra’s mission to deliver high-quality buildings, more quickly and efficiently.

Amid a housing crisis affecting major cities across the globe, the industry needs to respond by providing scalable resources and new processes. Some 70 percent of construction projects come in overtime and over budget. The industry norms of designing one-off multi-family homes and then turning over to a CM-at-Risk or General Contractor to send out to bid is cumbersome, inefficient, and no longer viable in the face of the growing demand for housing. 

Competitive market pricing, quality, safety, collaboration, consistent improvement — all of these standard norms in other major industries are lacking in the current, most widely-adopted processes of building design and construction. It typically takes over 140 days to build a garden-style multi-family building and requires a large swath of skilled labor to complete it. 

Katerra is working to change this, applying methods and tools such as digital technology, offsite manufacturing, and fully-integrated teams in an effort to improve construction productivity.  

The K90 building project is one example of this effort. As a part of a larger multifamily development project underway in Las Vegas, Nevada, Katerra developed an R&D project to focus in on one building to ask the questions, “What can we deploy right now in order to optimize delivery of a single building as much as possible? What would it take to reduce the construction schedule by 40%, from foundation to finish in 90 days?” 

The following case study details K90, Katerra’s response to building a 24-Unit Garden Style building in 90 days – from framing start to building delivery.  

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